Mother nature is so beautiful and adorable; I imbibe it all.

Sacrifice is the king of all senses.

Newton's third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, be aware of your every action.

Don't believe in mortality, do believe in immortality.

You must focus straight to the wholeness, there is no other alternative.

When environment changes, human being changes too.

Every day I love to play a game which is the game of patience.

What are you looking for, "do you have any idea"?

Embrace your failure and enter into a new world.

Digital world is killing your natural world.

Life without creativity is meaningless.

If you know the mystery of life and the mystery of nature then zip up your lips first.

"Mahaparinirvana" is my dharma.

Believe me, nature is alive and it has its own life as well.

No one wants to be a mom or dad nowadays.

All human beings are using digital devices to improve their brain activity which is totally unnatural.

It is a "disease" to communicate with someone through phone or through social media without any proper reason behind their communication.

Buddha is reform shape of lord Krishna. May be one day Buddha would reform again. So, we should believe in changes and changes are nature which is beautiful. Don't worry about your own changes because "nothing lasts forever".

None is getting interest on positive news in news media.

Off course everyone is worried about their death, so you must think which is alternative to death.

The entire mystery of nature ends in two words "dark and light".

To be a freeman is the highest achievement for every human being.

Your brain refuses to admit a little truth, do you know what is that little truth?
The little truth is most of the brains exist in the nature as a "receiver".

Your brain is a slave since thousands of years, it doesn't want to be free now.

No one will answer you all questions. Ask your questions to yourself and find the answers in you.
I am sure, you will get all answers in you.

Don't prove the word eureka to the world just enjoy the inner sense of the word "eureka".

After my death I will be in the nature as a sense of wholeness forever.

Finally I am a freeman in the universe forever.

Mindless is mindfulness.

You should follow yourself as much as you can.

A person may kill your physical existence but none can kill your energy ever.

The earth has been accumulating energy from sun to be like sun one day.

I have worked hard for decades to get my soul back which was lost long ago.

Spiritual life is the end of all sufferings as well as it is the end of our life cycles but will be in the nature as a pure energy forever.

Most of the people live approximately 70 to100 years, very few people live forever.

No one is ready to spend their time for "spiritual awakening".

The earth will teach you, how will you collect, generate and control energies?

Difference between consciousness and unconsciousness is like difference between day and night.

I have collected only spirituality within me.

Never misuse your thoughts.

Consciousness = Immortality
Unconsciousness = ?

Make an empty box in your mind and slowly fill that empty box by your own creative work.

After finishing the greatest journey throughout the outer and inner world, now you are completely ready to enjoy a new world.

The beauty of life is patience.

You should hang your mind as a mirror on the wall that you can see your face everyday.

If you want to know the harsh truth of life then you must visit to a mortuary more often.

The best time in my life is right now, when I am eating my meal.

Be a healer.

Your physical fitness is the mirror of your mental fitness.

Life energy will end by gaining the power of energy generation.

Life energy is interrelated with various types of energy gain and loss.

The battle with your own ego is the largest battle in the whole universe.

Courage is the first weapon in the history of creation.

When energy level increases above its normal limit in body it actually increases ferocity in you.

when energy level within its normal limt in body it actually brings calmness in you.

If you can see in dark without light, mean you are a light now.

Transform your energy into the energy of wholeness and feel everything around you is your own energy.

"Never give yourself airs"

I wish I could live everywhere in the whole universe as a pure consciousness forever.

Creator knows the history and mystery of creation.

Every day small amount of dust stores in mind and one day it becomes a heap of rubbish.

You should target to know the origin and location of the dust in your mind so that you can easily brush the dust every day.

Everything is a wave, some are small and some are large. Your brain cells only communicate with those waves. Pure consciousness is the largest wave in the whole universe.

A conscious mind enjoys every moment in the world even when death comes closer to him, he will be happy to observe his own death too.

Your whole mind will be occupied by unwanted spirits until you will find your true God.

It is time to listen and respond positively.

Your ego fights with everyone.

At any cost, you should be honest with yourself.

When everyone is a teacher, there you should listen and learn, never try to teach there.

The most real energy boosting foods are unprocessed foods.

I am not an insane, I just have dreamed to know the truth of nature.

A person with unhealthy mind and unhealthy body will never be happy.

Everything is just a psychological drama which has no relation with the ultimate truth but has a relation with the ultimate power.

Game of life is a game of patience.

"Spiritual age" begins at the end of "information age".

Taking = Disease

Horse-like energy - eat chickpeas
Broiler hen-like energy - eat egg
Lion-like energy - eat meats
Tree-like energy - eat fruits, vegetables & grains.
Flower-like energy - eat honey
Sun-like energy - go for basking

There is no difference between success and failure, the difference is how much you know about yourself and the nature.

A just born baby and a fresh dead body both are equally beautiful.

Organic mind is on its deathbed, virtual mind is the God of the natural mind.

When you speak, God is silent and when you are silent, God speaks.

You will get all the answers of your questions into the darkness.

I like the word "awakening".

We are running after information, no one knows that mind is the creator of information.

Wholeness and stillness are the end point of spirituality.

Stillness is the master key.

Do you really have any idea about the energy within sun, moon, earth, whole universe and you?

The natural source of vitamin-D is sunlight which is free of cost and far better than vitamin-D as a form of drug. We are buying vitamin-D instead of using our natural source of vitamin-D because we don't have time to look after ourselves.
Sunlight is one of the vital energy for every life to live.
We are a combination of five vital energies, these are air, water, light (vitamin-D), soil and spirit.

Moon is the second home in human mind and Sun is the power.

3rd eye was the first primordial eye of all species, 3rd eye means the ability to understand the nature by inner sense which was lost after a progressive development of two physiological eyes in all species.

Once upon a time the world was ruled by the spirit of love and compassion. Today we all bow down to the power of wealth, knowledge and hatred. In future the spirit of wholeness will begin to rule the world.

Birth is the cause of your death. You wished to spread your energies in everywhere. The truth is that you don't have your own energy, all energies are being borrowed.
So, the challenging part is until you can make your own energy till then you will be in the cycle of birth and death again and again.

Why are we in the earth?
We are in the earth because of  unconsciousness.

Life is not only to win a 100 meters sprint, it is an endless journey to explore the whole universe.

All the signs are disappearing so fast from nature by which we could easily follow the nature.

What do you want to be?
I want to be the nature.

Advanced level of meditation is a journey neither to the inner world nor to the outer world, it is a journey towards a new world.

Our intellect is not that much smart yet that we can understand and follow the language of nature.

You can use your life energy in any way you wish.

Being human:
Angel: Positive energy
Demon: Negative energy
Human being: Combination of both positive and negative energy.
Grow neutral energy to be a pure human being forever.

Purpose of meditation is to purify mind consciously by removing the negative energy from mind day to day.

Observing neuronal activity:
Your brain is a connection of many neurons that work as an electrical impulse from one neuron to another neuron.

During your meditation sessions vsualize the neurons in your brain that should not create any electrical impulse (spark) which is disturbing your daily activities.

Do not force to stop the neuronal electrical impulses just try to observe calmly and it will naturally slowdown and disappear.

It is a stage of absolute neutral mind, on the other hand, mind is dead while you are fully awake.

"Satan" is a sense that does not surrender to anyone.

Any tiny changes in life are so expensive.

I believe in miracle and it will happen to everyone just have patience.

Your every neuron is ravenously hungry for centuries and do you have any idea who are making your daily neuronal feed and how?

The most precious gift to us by God is our "senses".

Every human being is born with similar energy, the difference is how will you hold the wheel and drive your whole energy.

An enlightened one risks everything to attain everything. 

Inward movement in mind:
Your mind is a mixture of confused memories and no one can help you out of your confusions.
Now you may start to solve your confusions one by one is called inward movement in mind.

There are many senses developed by human being among those senses the sense of God is one of them.

The path you know is easy to walk on and one day the easy path will come to its end. Now it is your move to make a new path that you can walk on again.

Human life is like a life of a Phoenix.

Since many years, we have been trying to create a sense of wholeness in every human being.

Quest is the first primitive sense among all senses and questless is the last sense in human senses.

Mahaparinirvana = Tranquillity 

From long time we have been practicing how to increase knowledge which is very much available nowadays in the "search engine - Google".
But which is not available in anywhere that is how to improve our senses.

If you wish to merge with God then merge with silence.

The foremost difficult task in life is to stay nonreactive.

The long journey of our life cycle ends at "silence".

Whenever you will realize the truth behind the creation of life after that you should observe the beauty of every life and be silent forever.

Opening the 3rd eye is the ending of one's own ego.

Process of being a good soul is the process of reaching success.

Human body is the greatest cell culture media in earth:
Your body is a cell culture media for every life to grow. You can culture plants lives as well as animals and fishes in your body to grow.
Remember, if you only grow plants lives in your cell culture media then there will be more harmony in you because animals eat plants and fight each other.
If you want to know how was our earth at the beginning when there was no animals on earth then try vegetables and fruits only for few years, you might get to know how much beautiful the earth was.
If your body is full of plants lives then sometimes eat meats (animals) to reduce plants lives from your body.

Only a still mind knows the answer of our all mysteries.

Happiness does not depend on anyone or anything but you.

Protect your mind and body from every negative attitude within you.

The gigantic decoration of our earth is based on the love of two souls.

Do you really know who are using your physical and psychological body?

Are you a slave or a king of your "pleasure"?

Source of energy:
Everyone has his own energy, connect with your energy and expand it.

Add your whole energy with the entire energy of our nature and taste it.

Select your thought:
Negative thought = Failure
Positive thought = Success
Neutral thought = Immortality

Win over ego:
The most difficult part of life in the universe is to kill one's own ego.
Confusion = Ego

Control the power over air and water:
The centre of our brain and spinal cord are filled with fluid which we call CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) that creates waves, these waves make various kind of senses in our mind.

The wave of CSF in the centre of our brain has the ability to control and uncontrol the mind.

So, we should improve our awareness to maintain the balance of CSF in the brain so as to control the mind in an equanimous state all the time.

"Back to the nature":
Once upon a time you were the part of nature after that you were separated from nature and became human being, now you wish you were the nature again.

Protect yourself from "Radiation":
It is now appropriate time to think and protect ourselves from all source of radiation such as TV, Mobile, Computer, Electric lights at day and night, Video Games etc. which have adverse effect on our physical and mental health.

Whatsoever you have been aggregating from the nature for your mental and physical health that will all be extracted by the nature when you die.
Only the thing which is not copied from others that work will be remained in the nature for you as an immortal being forever.

Wherever I go, whether I live or die, I will carry peace with me.

Everybody will listen to you when your every word and act are simply not against our nature.

No one can get into a conscious mind, everyone can get into an unconscious mind.

You have so many questions and so many mysteries in your brain about our universe and our lives which are totally unsolved by you.
Anyone who will solve all the questions and mysteries in his/her brain that moment a sense of contentment will grow is called "Nirvana".

Your all senses would not sustain long; it arises and passes away, the sense which will always be with you that sense is you.

Observe your thoughts:
Close your eyes and observe your thought; is it positive, is it negative or is it neutral? You must stay strictly in neutral thoughts every moment whether your eyes are closed or opened.

I love nothing more than "dhyana".

Do you like to create magic then do not follow anyone, automatically magic will happen within you soon?

Usually in our animal kingdom most of the animals eat foods at daytime. 
Our trees also make their foods at daytime and they drink water anytime according to their need.
So, if we like to follow our nature then we should stop eating solid foods at night-time and we can drink water anytime according to our need.

You can eat anytime when your body needs energy to function properly.

I should overcome my bad habits of debating with the sons and daughters of an Adam. Instead of making an argument, I should listen and admire their all kinds of opinions.

Anyone who honestly wants to connect with nature forever he should leave behind all his desire and interest upon earth.

Sensing the truth is enlightenment.

You will not exist for a long, your creation will exist.
You = Your creation

Life cycle:
We all should know the beginning of human life as well as the end. No one likes to know the truth of our beginning and the end.

"Fight with oneself" mean fight with your own senses to control your all senses; never fight with others.

Clean mind is beautiful, nature in a mind is beautiful and truth in a mind is beautiful.

"Siddhartha Gautama Buddha" is clearly not a single human being any more; it is a memory in so many humans brain as a guide to show you the path towards truth towards freedom.

Universal freedom:
Free your senses from all bonding and perceive the taste of universal freedom forever.
Freedom = Non-attachment

Believing religions:
I believe in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all other religions; I believe in me and God. I believe in nature.

The giant senses:
It is true that the giant senses will engulf your all senses today or tomorrow and you will fail to grow your own senses, actually you are full of giant senses. Meditation is the way to grow and protect your own senses plus you might get a chance to be a giant sense one day.

Are you looking for "peace or pace" in your life?

The source of our all diseases are physical inactivity, mental disorder, sleep disorder and unhealthy diet. To keep our body and mind healthy we should correct these abnormalities every day.

The last addiction:
I am addicted to God.

All my sufferings in life because of my one mistake since the beginning of the universe that mistake is "I challenged everyone".

You have "single choice" to grow one sense in you but you are confused with numerous senses which one you want to expand that you do not know.

Do not focus on seeds while making fruits. Focusing on fruits has its own power to protect the seeds itself.

Throughout my life, I want to share a sense of calmness with everyone in every situation.

To understand the truth of nature is difficult, to tell the truth of nature is also difficult.

I had only one option and one door open that is the door to meet the ultimate.

Nature is the greatest book to read, I started to read the book in my childhood, after that I have lost my skill to read nature. Now I have started again to read it and finally I love it too much.

Devil's voice with laughter:
Devil will take all the controlling power over your all senses one by one, day after day, do you have any power on your senses to control it?

Life of a follower is a life of a prisoner:
Be aware, never be a follower after this life. Everyone will try you to follow them. You follow them because you do not understand what to follow by using your own mind? Always our brain is dependent on others "that is why we follow".

Memories of Brain, Bones and Muscles:
We have been collecting huge amount of memories for our brain whereas we have forgotten to collect memories for the bones and muscles through workouts regularly. So, the memories of our bones and muscles are fading away rapidly and become physically inactive day by day. 

Process of knowing oneself is meditation.

A young man doesn't follow his memories, he tries new things to build memories. An old man is driven by his memories and fears to try new things.

Food heals our physiological injuries and silence heals our psychological injuries.

A brain with 3 boxes :
Box-1.Security ( Health + Offspring + Power )
Box -2.Information ( God )
Box-3.Out of Box

Life starts with confusion and end with confusion, no one can help you to clear up your confusion but you.

Your senses do not die, only your body dies.

An intelligent one does not care about the result of a competition whereas a dumb one starts a race to win.

"Female soul" was the earliest soul who started meditation first than "male soul" but unfortunately they have forgotten all about meditation.

Collective memory:
I am just a collection of memories, I do everything according to my memories.

Create your 3rd eye:
You would not get your 3rd eye easily, you have to create it by a consistent practice on meditation.

Save the nature:
Nature is severely ill now that's the reason we are ill too. We should treat the nature first to save her so that we might save ourselves as well.

The era of transformation:
Either mental transformation or physical transformation or both would be the greatest achievement for every human being in our current era.

Our education system does not teach us about life, it teaches us how to win the rat race?

No one can teach you "

We judge others by using the memories we have.

Full conscious:
Do you eat consciously?
Do you drink consciously?
Do you breathe consciously?
Do you think consciously?
Do you talk consciously?
If you eat, drink, breathe, think and talk consciously then you are fully conscious.

Healthy breathing:
Conscious breathing is the healthy breathing.

A true artist knows "the meaning of waiting is the meaning of joy".

Many times I cried out with a great joy and a great gratitude to God that he has given me a beautiful mind which I should keep beautiful forever.

Never try to change an old man because it is too late now.

Sleep well at night that will help you to start a new day tomorrow.

The nature is so beautiful but do you have the time to see the natural beauty?

Do not borrow light, you are the light.

Can we stop complaining each other all the time? Every day we have tons of complaints against each other or against so many things but we ought to find out the solutions of those complaints by ourselves. Our intention is making complaints rather than looking for solutions.

Control your energy:
Whenever you would get an extraordinary sense in your life that moment you must start to develop a sense to control it, otherwise unlimited power of this sense will engulf you soon.

Use your every bit of time and knowledge for your physical and mental well-being.

Be careful of making any sense that hurts people because any kind of sense which is attacking in nature that sense will be wounded by others soon.

You must have the courage to accept your failure to understand the actual meaning of success.

Physical body:
Food, water, light and air are the  parts of our body, do you really feel it?

Freedom is the most expensive sense incomparable to anything I want in the whole universe.

As lifeless as stone:
A stone is an inert object without life. When you will die you become as lifeless as stone. Only dhyana can help you to grow a sense within you which will remain awake forever even after death.

My problem is I have been searching happiness for a long period of time without looking it within me.

Ultimate win:
Ultimate win means you should practice, let other people to win.

Be a passionate listener:
With positive attitude without making any opinion just listen to everyone and enjoy.

No need medication:
Disease free healthy life = Positive thinking + Healthy diet + Good night's sleep + Regular exercise

Focus on your meals:
"You are what you eat" so, focus on healthy diet everyday and reduce your unhealthy diet from your each meal regularly. Always remember, habits of healthy eating will change your DNA and heals diseases.

When you are in hell you will share hellfire, on the contrary when you are in heaven you will share peace with everyone. Where are you now?

Two way journey:
One way journey towards earth and other one is to the infinity, towards earth is inward journey to the souls, towards infinity is the journey away from the souls.

You have been collecting the senses from the beginning of universe in you and always failed to choose the right senses because of your impatience.
Failure = Impatience

You and Universe:
Universe+Earth+You = Wholeness
Universe+Earth = Wholeness
Universe = Wholeness
Wholeness = Consciousness

Of all the thoughts that rise in the mind, the thought 'I' is the first thought which will change your whole life.

Final wish:
I just want to be the king of my mind.

Kalpavriksha and kamadhenu cow:
The person who is spiritually blessed will understand the hidden meaning of kalpavriksha and kamadhenu cow as many pure souls have tasted these things before.

Power of wholeness:
Only the power of wholeness has the power to save you.

Self care:
Self care is the best and hardest practice in life.

Scanner in the mind:
Do you have any sense scanner to scan your every senses before you store it in your mind? Your third eye is the scanner in your mind.

Universal king:
Real king is he who can control his all senses.

Meditation = Consciousness
Meditation = Creation

Silence is the strongest weapon than any other weapons I know in the  world.
Silence = Power

Improvement of senses:
Sacrifice = Improvement of senses.

When will you be a Buddha ? :
When you will not take any help to understand nature from anyone anymore but you that mean you are a Buddha now.

Don't wait for a guru to learn meditation, guru will come to you automatically to teach you according to your thirst of knowledge and interest in meditation. So, first of all,  increase your thirst in meditation.

Absolute freedom:
Absolute freedom = Non-reactiveness

Your senses are your identity, improve your senses to improve your identity.
Everlasting companion:
No one is your everlasting companion but your all senses.

What are you taking for afterlife ? I am taking "dhyana" with me for my afterlife.

Meeting with God:
Risk everything and leave everything for the purpose to meet God, thereafter automatically you will find God, believe me there is no other alternative to find God.

I wish I could plant some flowers in the mind of everyone.

Every single atom is God if that atom develops the sense of wholeness within it.

Every moment there is karma means "cause and effect" will grow within you according to your act with nature. So, be careful on your karma every moment.

Yin and yang:
You should balance your yin and yang every moment just by an equal division of 50-50.

Main problem:
The main problem starts in our life when our physical body and mind do not listen to our own command.

Right and wrong, good and bad, win and lose, happiness and sorrow, angel and demon, black and white, these all kinds of feelings are the part of our life.

The most I love in the world is my breath.

Surrendering yourself to everyone is a magic.

The state of being healthy body and mind is a heaven for everyone.

Time to return home:
You were separated from the whole universe as a part of planet Earth but you can create the sense to become the part of the whole universe again.

Age of our DNA:
Human DNA is as older as the age of the planet earth, even it is as older as the age of our whole universe.
But our senses are so weak to detect all the memories what we have stored in our DNA from the very beginning to now.

Your brain is like a casket:
Every good senses are like jewels,  every bad senses are like poisons and your brain is like a casket that will be filled up by your right choice.

Mind your act:
Anything you do today whether it is  right or wrong will multiply tomorrow.

In every adversity stay with the truth, stay with the whole.

Be an immortal soul:
Life is a continuous process, it has no beginning and no end only it follows a natural process of transformation, one formation to another formation according to the collection of our senses.

A wise old man loves to laugh alone.

You know many things but do not share everything to everyone, only share your love to everyone.

My daily routine work is to rectify my soul because I want my soul to be free from the cycle of "birth and death" forever.

Be positive:
How much positive you are that much healthy you will be.

Enjoy your conversation:
Every time we talk unconsciously because we love to think unconsciously but we should talk consciously and enjoy every conversation mindfully.

We have been collecting many senses in our brain from every corner of the earth to understand the whole universe clearly.

Increase your lifespan:
Never create any situation which can hurt your senses and be a protector of your all senses.

Beginning of spirituality:
Beginning of spirituality is the time when you have discovered the real past history of earth from none but from nature.

Our target should be one and only that is "Mahaparinirvana".

Meditation (Dhyana):
When you can control your every sense by yourself and no one can penetrate into your senses to change your mind is called meditation is called awakening.

Our prime duty:
Our main duty is to spread the truth tenderly to everyone whether people believe it or don't. 

Never compare:
Stop comparing yourself with others. You should observe your life and learn from others but can't compare your life with others.

Interaction with people:
Your every kind of interaction with others is a kind of reaction in your brain. Your every kind of bad interaction to others is a kind of bad reaction in your brain which always burns your physical body, mental body and your soul too.

Come back to the present moment:
Do not think about past memories anymore, your past memory always interferes with your present moment and spoils some part of your present moment. So, leave the whole part of your past memories and be a part of the present moment.

"I" is the problem:
The problem is "I". So, solve the problem and find out who is this "I"?
"I" = All

Last goal of life:
Remember, your all kind of senses will not sustain for long, one sense arises and other moves away. Can you create a sense which would not move away forever ? if you can then you have achieved the last goal of your life.

Best meeting:
The best meeting in the world is meeting with nature with a crystal mind.

Enjoy your calmness every

The proper time and place for meditation:
Anytime as you wish, there is no such fix time and place for meditation but quiet place, high altitude and fasting are always best for beginners.

The key to success:
Calmness = Success

Control your senses:
Can you create a sense, stop a sense, exterminate a sense or can you create a new sense within you which is a bit difficult for everyone?
So, try your best to handle your all senses rightly according to your need.

Every mind is innocent but no one knows how to use it properly.

A bhikkhu is the richest man in a society but our knowledge is so poor to understand the true meaning of Bhikkhu.

Truth is power:
Truth is power and false always burns you inside.

Word is power:
Your words have a healing power and also can burn others easily.

If your behaviours and words still hurt someone then you are still unconscious.

Have you seen Satan (Devil)?
Satan = your ego

Decode the mystery of God:
You are a prisoner in the earth by the punishment of God but there is a chance to be free from the prison of God if you can decode the mystery of God.

Listen to your mind:
Try your best to understand your mind and listen to the mind and follow your mind as it orders you to do.

Hand over your whole energy to the whole universe and be prepared for the eternal journey with unfinished joy, peace and happiness.

Silence is the language of God:
At the beginning everything was completely silent then after big bang, sound and light were created. So, very beginning there was no sound no light only there was endless silence.

You can't enjoy life because your whole life is engaged in a race of survival.

There is no one in between you and the whole universe, close your eyes and feel it. Union is a rare gift by the nature to the luckiest one among us.

Negative stimuli:
You have to be aware of negative stimuli and should not create any negative stimulus inside your mind. If any negative stimulus grows then try to stop it again and again ultimately it will stop and eventually the real happiness with joy will start to grow within you.

Digital world:
The more you are digitally connected with the global community the less you are with your nearest people (family) even though you are with them all the time.

Health and karma:
In the earth the most valuable thing is your health and after death the most valuable thing is your karma.

Take care:
Take care of your every part of the body by telling to your mind that my hairs, eyes, ears, face, teeth, body, all limbs, all bones, all muscles and all internal organs are well and feel it everyday.

Learn from nature:
The actual learning is observing the nature clearly, precisely and deeply with a joyful mind.

Anything you target to achieve in your life with an honest and utmost dedication without harming others that target will be achieved by you is a natural process.

God appears only to them who believe on themselves at the edge of every unfavourable situation.

What is the most valuable thing in the world ?
For me yes, it is my soul. Nothing is more valuable than my soul.

Forbidden tree and an apple:
The story should be corrected by telling that it was Adam who gave an apple fruit from the forbidden tree to Eve by his own plan not by the conspiracy of a serpent.

24 x 7 hours of enjoyment:
Enjoy the time when you are awake, enjoy your all works, enjoy your all meals, enjoy when you are asleep, enjoy your every seconds.
Can you tell me what is the benefit of being upset all the time?

Improve your senses:
Sacrifice and patience is the way to improve our senses.

Clean your soul:
If anyone wants to clean his soul then he should meditate every day. 

Poor intellect:
That intellect is very poor who argues with others and who blames others.

How much will you sacrifice to reach God? Yes, everything.

The final stage of meditation is "Nirvana" means awakening or consciousness before the stage of "Nirvana" is  unconsciousness or a deep sleep.

Time is not running out:
There is a proverb that "Time is short but art is long" but my understanding is "time and art" both are infinite.
So, nothing is going away from us.
When we are running fast to achieve everything so quick, in a sense that moment we are losing everything because of our quickness.

Greed is the hindrance of our ultimate success.

Sense of totality:
Sense of giving everything to the whole universe is the sense of getting everything from the whole universe.

Read your own book:
Your physical and mental body is like an unread book which we don't know how to read it properly.
Leave all the books which are not written by you and start to read your own book first which is your physical and mental body.

Goal of life:
The goal of life is not only about education, career and success, it is all about improvement of our senses.
So, never ever misuse your senses.

Peace means patience. Be patience as much as you can and thereafter,  gradually your every corner of the  mind will fill up with peacefulness.
So, Patience = Peace, Impatience = Misery.

A beautiful mind:
The beauty of a silent mind is beautiful mind. So, observe the beauty of a silent mind and enjoy the taste of heaven, no matter where do you live, what do you eat, whom do you worship?

Focused mind:
When a mind is totally focused with its work at that point it is really difficult to distract a mind but when a mind is out of focus on its work that mind is no more his own control.
Unfocused mind = uncontrolled mind

Still mind:
Still mind is a mind which does not have any questions about nature to ask anyone.

Be alone and lonely:
If you want to know the origin of life and the origin of universe then you should be alone and lonely for a long time because loneliness is the answer of your all quarries.

Love of quantum:
When you eat your every meal mindfully you will feel a great love of quantum.

Your brain system is not getting proper rest, it is working unnecessarily and downloading many information automatically.
At least we should know our brain system properly to avoid downloading the unnecessary files.

Game of neuron:
You have many neurons in your brain which is driving you according to the choice of your information is being collected by you in the neuron.
So, carefully choosing information from your surroundings in your neuron all the time is called pure awareness.

Erase the root meaning of "I":
I have been trying to erase "I". Yes, it is the most difficult task to erase it.
If anyone who has discovered this "I", only that person will play the game to erase the root of "I" to reach the ultimate achievement until then you may engage yourself to create "I".

100% non reactive:
We should be very careful to react with the views of others because our views fight with others.
We should respect the views of others, where we can't respect the views, there we should be 100% non  reactive.

Remember, you will be right always when you are silent though people will take some time to understand you.

When it is dark we use a torchlight to see everything clear. When you see everything clear that time you don't need any lamp.
The person who is watching everything unclear that person will search the torch to see everything clear.

Death is the changes of our physical structure but not the changes of our core senses.
So, if we don't create any physical structure in our senses then there will be no more death.
Your physical structure dies but your senses don't. 

Posture like to be a lotus:
During the time of meditation you can try to find out the posture like a lotus, means you will feel yourself as like as a lotus in your sitting position.

How much should I eat?:
Can you think that you are a tree? Now if you give excess water and fertilizers to a tree then the tree will die, again if you give less water and fertilizers to that tree then also the tree will die. So, to maintain in between high and less is middle, that is the path to solve all.

Looking for a guru:
Are you looking for a guru to learn meditation? Don't forget that absolute still mind is the greatest guru than any other guru in the world. So, be your own guru.

Anyone who really wants to learn the secret of meditation then he should reduce the pace of his mind and observes the secret by his still mind.

Kill your ego:
If I want to kill my evil spirit then it is truly necessary to respect everyone. It is my evil force which always denies to do so.
Whenever you start to respect an Adam from that moment you are free from your ego which is an evil force.

Complete your consciousness:
Everything is developed by senses, like sun means light was created by collision of two stones that is a sense, darkness means no light means no collision is a sense, a mango is a sense developed by its tree, poison of a snake is developed by its sense. So, everything is a sense.
Now do you have the all senses in you which are scattered whole over the universe, if you have, you are a complete consciousness.

Yin and Yang:
A Chinese myth yin and yang are two kind of senses in every kind of  matters which are scattered whole over the universe and when they collided each other in a big space after that fire was created and a mass collection of fire is a sun, earth also was a spark of fire which gradually cool down and formation of a living place for us, water also a cool form of matters after that  massive collision.
Now the final point is every matter has a power to create a sense to control their yin and yang by themselves then there will be no more collision.

We have started our marathon race from the middle of the race to touch the finishing rope as faster as we can but few of them are running backward to find out the exact starting point of that marathon race and they are the genius.

It is not so difficult to create a sense but it is difficult to control and utilize the sense properly.
Never be so proud of your senses otherwise defeat is inevitable.
Be a master of your all senses.

Listening is a medicine:
Do not stop listening to others, do not think that you know everything even you may know everything but try to enjoy listening to others because it is really joyful to listen others. 

Right or wrong:
We should accept calmly what is happening in our life either right or wrong because at the end we will be benefited by both.

My body is made from earth and my respiration is air which is rest of the earth.
So, there is a connection between earth and rest of the earth by the air which we breath, feel that air and your body as a single unit and finally you will be able to create a sense of wholeness with completeness.

Clean your deeper mind:
If you fail to clean your deeper mind then you have not gained anything. So, clean up your every tiny amount of dirt from your deeper mind and feel the real state of peacefulness.

The teacher:
Nature is the greatest teacher for all of us and he will teach you the truth until you learn the truth correctly.